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Legal contracts, documents and letters to cover your property law needs including residential and commercial tenancies, eviction notices, renewals, key letters and more. Make the smart choice and get expertly drafted legal work faster and for the most competitive rates available.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

An agreement that creates and assured shorthold residential tenancy between a landlord and tenant and outlines the rights and responsibiltiies of each party.

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Rent Demand Letter

Provide a tenant with a demand for outstanding rent when they’ve missed payment on the due date. This can also be a reminder to make payment in the future.

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Commercial Eviction & Renewal Notices

Key notices for commercial tenants including section 25 and 26 notices to evict a tenant or renewal the commercial tenancy agreement under the same or different terms.

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Commercial Lease

A written commercial agreement between a landlord and business tenant, where the tenant will let the property for commercial purposes in exchange for payments.

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Residential Notices

A variety of notices for residential tenants including legally compliant section 8 and section 21 eviction notices and notice to increase rent.

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