Email Footer Disclaimer


Make sure you include legally required information about your company or business in your email footer, including a commercially advantagious confidentiality notice.

What is an email footer disclaimer?

An email footer disclaimer goes at the bottom of your emails and includes legally required information about your company or business, as well as a commercially advantagious confidentiality notice to protect its contents.

What does an email footer disclaimer cover?

The email footer disclaimer covers information about your business or company, including legally required information for companies, and a confidentiality notice to protect the email content.

When should I use an email footer disclaimer?

You should use an email footer diclaimer on all emails you send to protect its contents and provide vital information to the recipient.

Do I need an email footer disclaimer?

Certain information is required for limited companies under The Companies Act 1985. It is otherwise sensible to use an email footer disclaimer to protect the contents of your email and provide vital information to recipients.

Further information

The email disclaimer protects the confidentiality of an email’s contents, provides a warning to the receiver that emails may contain viruses and they are responsible for checking it, helps to avoid entering into unwanted contracts, protects your business in case an employee gives negligent advice in an email, and reduces the responsibility of your business if an employee sends offensive, obscene or defamatory statements within an email.

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