Legal documents, contracts and letters for both employers and employees.

Whether you are a growing business looking to bring in new staff, or an employee going through a difficult time, we offer a wide range of legal documents, contracts, letters and more to cover your needs. All with the same amazing value and fast completion you’ve come to expect from us.

Employment Contract

An expertly drafted contract specifically for your business and employee that establishes the rights, expectations and oblogations of all parties in a working relationship.

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Confidentiality Agreement

A legal agreement between at least two parties that maintains privacy during agreements or indefinately when confidential information is exchanged.

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Grievance Letter To Employer

An expertly drafted letter that employees can use to raise a specific or general grievance about an employer, workplace, incidence or otherwise.

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Zero Hours Contract

An essential employment contract that employers need when hiring casual workers when they are needed and are not able to promise set work hours or future work.

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Complaint Letter

An expertly drafted letter that individuals and employers can use to make a complaint about a service, product or otherwise and are seeking a solution.

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There are many legal services that one might need in an employment matter. We cover a number of other services not listed here. Please get in touch to discuss.

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