Confidentiality Agreement / Non Disclosure


A legal agreement between at least two parties that maintains privacy during an agreement or indefinately when confidential information is exchanged.

What is a confidentiality agreement?

A confidentiality agreement preserves secrets and confidentiality when two parties share or exchange confidential information. This agreement offers protection for parties who want to share confidential information but ensure that it does not go any further, is not used by anyone else, or is not used for a restricted purpose. This can be for only the duration of the agreement or indefinitely.

What does a confidentiality agreement cover?

A confidentiality agreement or non disclosure agreement covers the definition of the confidential information, protection of confidential information, who is allowed to receive confidential information, disclosures, ending of the agreement and remedies if there is a breach.

When should I use a confidentiality agreement?

You should this agreement when you want to share or exchange confidential information with a business or individual, and maintain a high level of protection for its use and value.

Do I need a confidentiality agreement?

Anyone who want to share confidential information to another individual or business should seriously consider a confidentiality agreement. You might want to protect customer information, intellectual property (including copyright, patents, and trade secrets), marketing information, business operations, product information, service information, proprietary computer technology, account information and more.

Further information

The remedies available for breaching a confidentiality agreement are proportionate to the wrong done and often include profit share.

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