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Whether you have an established business or are just starting off, we offer a wide range of legal documents, contracts, forms and letters to support and protect your business and make sure that you’re always on strong footing.

General Service Agreement

A vital written agreement between a service provider and customer that outlines the terms of the particular service between the two parties and more.

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Debt Demand Letter

A formal letter sent out by one party that demands outstanding payment or performance by another party, and highlights the next steps of action if not complied with.

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Partnership Agreement

A formal agreement between partners that establishes the rights and responsibilities for general partners, as well as the rules in a for-profit partnership and more.

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Loan Agreement

A legal agreement that outlines the terms of a loan between a borrower and a lender, and sets out a payment plan for the borrower to pay back the lender.

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Confidentiality Agreement

A legal agreement between at least two parties that maintains privacy during agreements or indefinately when confidential information is exchanged.

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Waiver/ Release

A legal agreement that is used to ensure that a party will not proceed with a legal action in exchange for compensation or by way of consent.

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Shareholders Agreement

A confidential agreement between some or all shareholders that covers key issues to prevent conflict and protect minority shareholders, and ensure stability and continuity.

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Cease & Desist

A specially drafted letter that requests a business or individual stop doing a specified action and refrain from doing it again in the future, or else a threat of legal action.

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Letter of Intent

A specially drafted letter that outlines a future understanding or intention between two parties. It non-binding and used as a formal expresssion of good faith.

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Dissolution of Partnership

Bring a partnership to its end properly with a dissoultion of partnershop deed, which outlines all the important details regarding the dissolution and winding up.

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Letter Before Action

A legally required last letter that should be sent before commencing legal action in order to make a final demand to recover a debt and provide necessary final information.

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Hold-Harmless Agreement

A binding indemnity agreement that is used to protect one or more parties by limiting liabilties, losses or damages that might occur from taking part in a specific activity.

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Consultancy Agreement

An agreement that sets out the terms of a working relationship between a consultant and a client, including compensation, services provided, confidentiality, and more.

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Share Certificate

A share certificate certifies that you or another party is a member of a company and holds shares. All companies are required by law to provide certificates to all of their members.

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