When you want to find a solicitor, there isn’t always a easy path or obvious choice. The market is full. Wherever you turn you could find ten new firms, all likely saying the same things, in the same way. There are big firms, small firms, independents and everything in between. But how do you know whats right for you? And how do you know who’s good? Today we’re going to explore the question of how to find a solicitor, or better yet, how to effectively find a solicitor. 

Start With A Search

You’re first instinct is to do a Google search, and this is a good place to start when you want to find a solicitor. It’s smart enough to bring up whats located close to you, bring up the main stream options and also bring to light any reviews of major red warning signs. You’ll be able to get a grasp of what’s on offer with a search, but it won’t help you navigate through the hundreds and hundreds of results, or to decide who’s right for you. Besides a general Google search, you should take a look at the Law Society: Find A Solicitor tool (take a look here). This allows you to filter solicitors based on there location and practice areas. So you can start to narrow down solicitors to those who offer the services you want and those who you can be sure are registered professionals. 

Take A Recommendation 

At this point in your search to find a solicitor, you know who is out there, who is in your location, who is registered with the Law Society and who offers the services you require. But this still likely leaves a huge amount of options. A tried and true method is to seek out a recommendation. Ideally you’ll get one from someone who has been in your position and has an opinion you believe you can trust. If you don’t know personally know anyone to ask, then consider looking at impartial review sites such as TrustPilot, ask associates in your wider community or seek advice on trusted forums. 

Find A Solicitor By Talking To Some

When you’re at the point of deciding between a few of your top options, it’s time to talk each of them and ask the tough questions before you commit. Set up some free consultations or phone calls and ask each of the following: How much do you charge? How long will you take? Who will be dealing with my work? How busy are you? The aim of these questions is to avoid any nasty surprises down the line, and trust me, there are often many. You need to know that your work will be dealt with promptly, by someone you approve, at a price that you’re happy with. 

Now you know how to find a solicitor. Narrow down your options and learn important information through smart searches, take recommendations from trusted sources, and vet your final options to prevent any future issues and make a final choice. The last thing you should do is question if you need a solicitor for your work at all, and if you can get documents, contracts and letters drafted individually to save on the huge fees that solicitors charge. 

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