When you are looking for a solicitor for your family law matter, it is easy to get overwhelmed or find it hard to decide which one if right for you. Thats why we’ve put together some important pointers on how to compare family law solicitors, to help make things easier or prepare you for the future. 


The Basics


Many of the fundamental things you should be looking at when comparing family law solicitors is exactly the same as if you are comparing any solicitor – price, turnaround, size of firm, recommendation and past work amongst other things. If you’d like to read more about these, check out our other post ‘How To Compare Solicitors’ here. From here on out we will be looking at things specifically important for when you compare family law solicitors only. 


Care/ Compassion 


Family law disputes are sensitive and tough times for most people involved. This is why when you compare family law solicitors it is vital you take into consideration of the level of care and compassion a solicitor or firm typically offers as part of their client care. Avoid those firms that treat clients like a number and seek out the personal touch that many great solicitors offer. 


Related Expertise 


Although it might not seem obvious, related expertise are very important to consider when you compare family law solicitors. Many family law matter, take divorce for example, include contentious work and intricate financial arrangements and deals. In light of this, it is common place for business litigants to also practice family law and apply their business dispute experience to the family courts with great success. Likewise, having a solicitor with experience in some kind accountancy can be a valuable asset when money is involved. There are many specific situations where a specific skill set might be important to your case, so factor in what extra expertise a solicitor may have when you are making your decision. 

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